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Innovative Developments Used Throughout Amen Clinic

The brain is one of the most difficult organs for doctors to deal with. There’s so little we know about the brain, misdiagnosing any given health condition is pretty common. That’s why you need specialized medicine when you do have a problem, and Georgia can provide a more specialized look at the brain.

You can’t know what’s going on in the brain unless you take a look. That’s something every doctor knows. Which is why Dr. Daniel Amen started employing the SPECT scan into regular use.

This is a system that takes regular two dimensional images. But then through computer tomography, they are able to transfer them into a 3D image. Thereby collecting a complete image of your brain, and everything going on inside.

There are a variety of uses for this. Number one being that any doctor is then able to view all the parts of your brain. That’s important when determining the extent of something like brain damage, as well as things like trauma.

These are useful for a variety of reasons, but mostly SPECT scans are essential for viewing the brain in action. You’re able to see how the brain works, and then actually determine what’s not working properly.

Through learn more these scans have proven to diagnose patients much more accurately. On average these clinics are able to determine cases of trauma and injury much more accurately than most hospitals.

With the specialized techniques they provide, you’re going to find a better and more accurate diagnosis. That means less guessing, and less unnecessary drugs while they search for what works. The doctors here can determine much more accurately what’s going on in your brain.

While these scans are not perfect, more specialized medicine should always be sought when dealing with the brain. Most hospitals just aren’t equipped with the expertise or focus of a hospital like Dr. Daniel Amen’s.

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