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How To Tie A Fashion Turban In Different Ways

A fashion turban has quickly risen to become part of the most ethnic, creative and eccentric types of headwear for women. What makes them so appealing is that they offer the wearer a fashionable alternative to satin bonnets that should only be worn at bed and not outdoors. Satin bonnets are a form of sweatpants for hairstyles, and look unfashionable to any woman wearing them. Owning several patterned and brightly colored scarves can turn bad hairstyles into cool fashionable head gears. For women having this problem, here are several methods of how to tie a fashion turban.

One of the easiest and fastest fashion turban looks that women achieve is the forehead wrap. To tie it, the hair is gathered into a low ponytail or bun at the necks nape. If someone is using a square-shaped scarf, it can be folded into half diagonally so that the corners meet and form a triangle.

The straight edge is placed in the center of the forehead so that the remaining parts of the scarf and triangle point are pointing at the neck. The other ends are tied into a knot and the loose ends allowed to hang free. Alternatively, it can be tied into multiple knots to nestle the side of the neck.

Another cool way is the ponytail or headband wrap. This looks can be achieved by gathering the hair into a low placed ponytail and then tying the scarf around the tail of the ponytail with a knot. To accent hair that is free flowing or high ponytails, the scarf is folded to form a band and then tied around the crown like a bow.

Rosie the Riveter wrap is the other way of tying a turban. It can be achieved through diagonally lining up the squares of a huge square scarf in a way that they make a big triangle. The middle of the scarfs straight edge is then placed at the nape of the neck in a way that the hair is laying on the scarf. The ends of the scarf are taken and then tied lightly on top of the head. The top corner of the triangle is tucked under a knot so that the hair is gathered in a bundle.

African Gele is a popular Nigerian way of setting up a fashion turban. To tie it, the scarf is folded in a way that the resultant width is roughly six inches long. It is then tied around the head in way that its right side is approximately one and a half time in length of that of the left side.

The left side of the scarf is pushes while the right side crossed over it, but care should be taken to keep the two sides out. The wearer then pulls the ends to make the wrap as tight as they feel comfortable with.

Women looking for a way of how to tie a fashion turban will want to try out the Rosette turban. They look best when folded with the application of a rectangular scarf having diagonal folds. The lengthy folded edge is lined up and folded against the wearers forehead, with the two ends being brought together and tied to make a knot.

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