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How To Select a Dentist in Sacramento

From barely noticeable changes to dramatic improvements, a dentist in Sacramento can perform many procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth. Teeth that are chipped, too long, too short, or even discolored can all be corrected by a Sacramento cosmetic dentist. And that is not all, missing teeth can be restored and irregular spaces can be closed. And improvements are not always just cosmetic in nature; some can even correct dental issues such as overbite, underbite, and alignment of teeth.

Careful consideration should be given to a few items when selecting a dentist in Sacramento. Determining the kinds of procedures a Sacramento cosmetic dentist can perform should be near the top of your list. Knowing what kind of procedure is the best for your specific situation may very well deserve to be at the very top of your list. And prior to selecting a Sacramento cosmetic dentist, what items should receive further consideration?

There are many procedures that a dentist in Sacramento can perform. Common procedures include bleaching, bonding, crowns, veneers, reshaping and contouring. Each of these procedures aims to correct some aspect of your smile or appearance. Most of these procedures are considered cosmetic in nature and therefore are not covered by most dental insurance plans; however, in some cases insurances will cover at least a portion of these procedures based on necessity.

A dentist themselves is your best bet for answering questions you may have about techniques and procedures that may best improve the look and/or function of your teeth. There are many factors that go into determining what might work best for each individual, but condition of the teeth and desired outcome generally dictates what the best procedure will be to achieve results. Consider asking your dentist a few questions in order to be better informed prior to consenting to any recommended procedure. Such questions might include the following: What will the changes look like? What should I expect throughout the course of treatment? What is the after care like? What is the required maintenance for long term results?

And, finally, when you are looking to find the perfect dentist in Sacramento, what kinds of things should you look for in a dentist? Cosmetic dentistry is currently not endorsed as a form of dentistry by the American Dental Association; however, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), which does consider cosmetic dentistry a specialty within dentistry, recommends that you ask you dentist for some information prior to any treatments. Consider asking a dentist that you are considering for before and after photos of prior patients. These photos will allow you to examine the work of the dentist to make sure that the work that they perform is satisfactory for your needs. If in doubt, ask for references. Contacting references will allow you to get a better sense of the quality of care the dentist provides. And, lastly, get proof of continuing education. Dental techniques are always changing, so make sure your dentist of choice is up to date on the latest in technology and skill set used in cosmetic dentistry.

When trying to select a dentist in Sacramento, following a few basic rules can help you to find the perfect Sacramento cosmetic dentist!

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