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How To Plan A Funeral And Stay Within Your Budget

While planning a funeral is one of life’s most unpleasant tasks, there are ways to make it as stress-free as possible. Consider the following suggestions if you are preparing for a loved one’s funeral.

Cost is often one of the biggest considerations, and it is easy for someone to overspend on many items. Keep in mind that although you loved the deceased person dearly, you should not be expected to go into debt to pay for a fitting tribute. It is highly unlikely that the deceased person would want you to spend more than you can afford.

If you do want to have a fairly traditional funeral, it can be a good idea to go through a funeral home. These homes can offer all of the services you need to create a funeral and can help arrange burial and other matters. However, do spend some time calling homes and asking if they can create a funeral that fits within your budget. Don’t feel pressured into paying for extra services that you just don’t need.

The casket is one of the biggest expenses, and while some cost many thousands of dollars, you should be able to find one for less than $1,000 and possibly much less. You do not have to purchase this item from the funeral home, and federal law prohibits a funeral home operator to charge a fee if you bring in a casket from another source.

Funeral flowers are a lovely tribute, and they can be expensive. However, for less than $200, you should be able to purchase a professional casket spray from an online florist. This can even be delivered the same day you order, so you can hold the funeral and burial as quickly as needed.

If you can afford the added expense, opting for a couple more floral arrangements can be nice. However, keep in mind that friends, co-workers and family undoubtedly will be sending flowers. This is a traditional way to memorialize a loved one, so you probably will be receiving several different arrangements of funeral flowers from other mourners.

In addition to these aforementioned expenses, burial is another cost. It is expensive to bury a loved one and to pay for a marker or headstone. Even if you or the deceased want a cemetery burial, you can save money by purchasing a smaller plot and have a plain marker instead of a headstone. You can also lower expenses by not purchasing options such as casket sealing and embalming.

Another way to cut costs and still have a traditional burial is to simply forgo having a funeral service with the casket and a graveside service. Instead, you might have the deceased person buried privately without ceremony and instead opt to hold a memorial at a later date at your home or at a local church. This still provides friends and family a chance to memorialize a beloved person at much less of a financial burden on the family.

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