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How to Know if you have a Cockroach Infestation in Your Home

There are a whole host of areas in your home which provide prime breeding ground for cockroaches. Anywhere with food, or warmth and moisture, is usually where they will gravitate to.

There are many different ways in which these critters can find their way into your home, be it through the cracks and crevices in the building itself, or even just from our own person accidentally carrying one in perhaps on shoes or in shopping bags. They then have opportunity to lay their eggs indoors, reproducing quickly, and remaining active all year round.

An infestation of cockroaches in your home can be detected in a number of ways, which include you finding their droppings, and also their presence will sometimes be accompanied by a musty unpleasant odour. You will also find that cockroach faeces will be visible to the eye during an infestation in the home. Roaches will produce faeces, which depending on their body size, can resemble black pepper like sprinklings – up to larger sized cylindrical shaped droppings. You might even find the bodies of dead cockroaches in odd places throughout the house. In addition to this, oval shaped egg cases, otherwise known as ‘oothecae’, might become more visible to you too.

Due to them being nocturnal creatures, the fact that you may have spotted them in the day time is usually a sign that there is a good chance that many more are lying behind the walls and in other hidden places that you are unlikely to notice them. This could be a sign of a serious infestation.

It is not uncommon for certain individuals to suffer from allergies due to cockroaches being present in your home. Their dead skin dust and the droppings they leave around the place can become a very big issue for those who are sensitive to such things. These symptoms will obviously be worse in extremely serious infestations. It is also possible for cockroaches to bite human flesh, as well as feed off our dead skin, hair and nails.

However, there are recent stories that cockroach bites have been a focus of misinterpretation in post mortem injury reports. The said cases have concluded that cockroach bites are difficult to identify even by experienced forensic pathologists. This has left question marks around the cause of death in some individuals who had bits present as well as their other ‘fatal’ injuries, and more so vulnerable babies.

Being naturally nocturnal creatures, cockroaches come to life when it is dark. This of course poses a problem for tracking them all down to their source, and getting rid of them once and for all. They have an ability to make their body flat enough so that they can fit into all sorts of hard to find places, such as underneath floorboards, underneath wallpaper, and as said, underneath kitchen cupboards and warm or moisture giving electrical appliances.

Nevertheless, there is much help and advice available for getting rid of a cockroach infestation in the home, and with the correct equipment and expertise it is usually possible to get things back under control. At least, these pointers have shown you what to keep an eye out for.

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