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How To Bird Dog Real Estate Without Wasting All Your Time

Let’s talk about how to bird dog real estate without wasting all of our time on non money making tasks, ok? What used to be the hardest part about bird dogging real estate was taking all the time to analyze deals. The easiest parts were making offers on the deals and closing on the deals. As a bird dog, you should only focus on what’s going to make you money and that my friend is finding the best deals.

Imagine, back in the day when I first learned how to bird dog real estate deals all the time and gas I wasted driving thirty miles to the recorders office. It was such a challenge trying to get there during business hours and get ahead of the game that I actually took a job at night. This process, week in and week out was enough to drive me crazy, and it did. Was this really how to bird dog real estate? My gut told me no, and later down the road proved to be right.

I used to analyze all these deals on and spend more time doing research on the MLS website and after I found some deals that looked good, do you know where that led me? It took me to hell on earth! I pursued bird dogging deals in Detroit, Michigan in the midst of the auto industry crisis and to boot I was stuck with deals on 7 and 8 mile road, I don’t know anyone who wants to be there.

The most insane part of this whole situation was that my cousin and I drove half way across the country to America’s most dangerous city in the middle of winter, I can assure you, this was NOT how to bird dog real estate the right way. This was working hard and not working smart. We realized this when a local told us we were lucky it was winter and nobody was out or we would have been shot driving around in these neighborhoods. Can you say, wake up call?

After spending over 2 weeks risking our lives in gang infested areas we realized we weren’t taking the best approach on bird dogging real estate. We had a passion to learn how to bird dog real estate the right way, however our instincts told us that it didn’t need to involve driving half way across the country into uncharted territories and crime filled neighborhoods.

We figured there had to be a way to have some of the dirty work of bird dogging done for us. The internet was in full force and we didn’t feel like we needed to spent 60 extra hours a week trying to chase down deals and waste gas driving in bad neighborhoods. Remember, when you are learning how to bird dog real estate the hardest part is analyzing all the deals.

The internet is a very powerful tool which gives you a distinct advantage as a real estate bird dog. You are able to find properties anywhere from anywhere that has an internet connection. A couple clicks of your mouse will tell you what current property values are and how you should create your dream deal to maximize profits. Now this is how to bird dog real estate and actually make money.

This is a great resource on how to bird dog real estate, even if you’ve never done it before. Just click the link to watch the informative video.