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How Organic Vegetables Play into Fly Fertility

I think it’s clear that when it comes to food, we think about the human race more than any other group of organisms in the world. Flies, for instance, are perhaps the last that would think about. Unless you’re a science or insect enthusiast, you’re not going to look at them with much of an opinion other than, “they’re pests.” What I’ve seen, though, is that organic vegetables can help them and potentially possess greater positives for humans in general as well, if the results have any bearing.

An article on Co.Exist talked about the new findings researchers have uncovered at Southern Methodist University. The story goes that fruit flies that feast on various types of organic vegetables not only go about longer lives but longer bouts of fertility as well. Whether or not these findings impact humans could be anyone’s guess but the truth is that this is an interesting finding. This could be the focus of farmers whom are part of networks like Colle Farmers Market and individuals who take scientific research very seriously.

The study involved two groups used for experiments: one which ate your standard produce found commonly in stores and one which consumed the organic crops. Ultimately, neither group had terribly long spans of life but there were some results that emerged from the study. Amongst them, there was a longer span of egg production seen within the organic-eating fruit flies. I believe that this grants more merit to the idea of fertility than just about any other factor this study seemed to possess.

There could be a litany of reasons as to why these particular flies fared better. You have to consider that organic diets have more nutrients which the body can make use out of, such as proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the produce that you love like fruits and vegetables has better instances of antioxidants than anything else. While these findings aren’t exactly solid, it’s apparent that they only showcase the benefits these products contain and why people should invest in them more often.

I think that this experiment is one of the best because, more than anything, it showcases why people should invest more into organic vegetables and fruit. There seems to be a lack of business done on that matter, though, at least in comparison to some of the bigger stores you could think of. Is it an idea of these crops being too much money for people to regularly invest in? Perhaps so, but I think that better financial management should be done because the benefits of these crops are too valuable to pass up.

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