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How does Disney’s Fastpass Plus Work?

During this post I’ll reveal everything that a guest will need to understand about the ways the fastpass system at Walt Disney World operates, including specifics of exactly how the brand new fastpass plus system will work.

How does the system operate?

Unlike Universal, Disney do not charge for their “front of the line” advantages. To get hold of one of these brilliant tickets the guest needs a valid park ticket, which is included in the park admission price.

Guests should locate the FASTPASS machine of their choice (they are often close by the entrance to the ride) and put their park ticket into the machine. They will then get a freshly printed ticket that they can use later in the day.

The ticket will be valid for some time later in the day. The guest should then return at some point in the 60 minute period printed on the pass in order to bypass the normal line and so go straight to the front!

Unfortunately, Disney have recently altered their policies when coming back with a ticket at The Walt Disney World Resort Parks. In the good old days, the guests were able to come back at any time after the time frame had began. Regrettably, now Disney park employees have been given strict rules to enforce the printed return time period.

Information regarding the new FASTPASS+

FASTPASS+ is a new upgraded model of the original system, which also gives guests a few remarkable perks.

To begin with, events can be booked right before the guests trip. This would permit them to choose their desired options earlier without having to worry about missing their favorite attraction. It could also lead to eliminating the necessity of visiting a park extremely early to pick up a pass for several of the more popular rides.

Next, FASTPASS+ is a completely flexible system. The guests could switch out the return time or experience (if available) before they redeem their experience. In the event they miss the return window, with the older system they might have simply lost out. However with the newer system it is easy to re-book for a later offered time.

With the old system, if the guests lose their ticket, they will have lost out on that attraction combined with the time they would be required to wait to acquire a new one. However with FASTPASS+, tickets are looked up in the system and swapped with the reservations still in tact.

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