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How a Mutated Histone Can Assist Brain Tumor Research

Brain tumor research is, in my mind, one of the most notable causes people can invest time into. It’s clear that the numbers of cures which exist now are not that sizable, especially with radiation and chemotherapy being part of a rather short list. One can only hope that we can find better cures as time moves on. Until that time arises, though, I think that it’s great to see the number of studies that are being conducted with small findings being uncovered on a periodic basis.

An article posted on the Bioscience Technology website spoke about new research findings that may link a brain stem cancer in children to a protein. This particular protein is referred to as a mutated histone and this finding is important for a number of reasons. In any kind of findings, whether brain tumor research or what have you, this is the first time when a mutated histone has ever been connected to a disease. This factor alone seems to make the story worthy of the time of organizations like Voices Against Brain Cancer.

The brain stem cancer that was referenced before is known as DIPG. This condition also known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma is seen within the pon, or middle, of the stem. It’s commonly found in children between 5 and 10 years old and since it’s found in the middle, it’s difficult to treat because it can impact the most critical region of the brain. This is a cancer type which is difficult to pinpoint in terms of origin, which isn’t vastly different from other forms of cancer.

With such studies as these constantly being done, is it no wonder why people want to offer their time to help? Research has to be funded and this is where the people outside of the medical field can come into play. They can potentially donate great amounts to the cause in order for research to constantly be done from day to day. If you can even chip in a dollar or two to the cause, it’s something that will greatly come in handy in the long run.

I am all in favor of brain tumor research continuing on if it means that we will be able to uncover these sorts of findings. Just by this story alone, it seems like therapies are going to change, if not become entirely created from the ground up. It’s also possible that various enzymes will come into play, allowing all sorts of pharmaceuticals to be created so that they can assist the body in the same fashion. These results, and perhaps others, are ones that I am looking forward to.

Contact Voices Against Brain Cancer if you’re seeking more information about brain tumor research.