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Have you cleaned you deck for this spring season?

Spring is right around the corner!. Prior to shifting your deck furniture from your home, it is necessary to examine the safety of your deck. It is important to have some restore process with your deck to ensure more longevity to withstand in spring and summer time.

Examine where there does exist any loose fasteners, nails or screws over it. These things needs to be taken out or hammered.Examine closely to check loose or rotting wood and also make use to examine your railing for cracking or splitting.In case there is no issues with your furniture then move up for cleaning them, whereas if you come across any issues such as rotten or loose wood etc then it is high time to fix them well before proceeding of using it.

Deck Cleaning

Clean up all the debris that is sticking with it by using a powerful nozzle of your garden hose, and then removing the rest by making use of a putty knife to get the things done. Scrub the rough surface using a sudsy mixture of water and laundry detergent using a strong fiber brush. Try to cover up small areas and rinse repeatedly. This might bring in the natural hue of the furniture.

In order to clean up larger deck, you can purchase a washer that eases you work by providing 1,200 psi of pressure to eradicate all the debris and to rinse the deck completely. Whereas it should have a nozzles that can air out about 25 to 45 degrees at a time. Make use of safety wearing such as goggles and hold the nozzle away from your body and start your process.

Be cautious: The strong spray can easily take away the soft wood grain. Right finishing the washing process, just leave the deck to get dried out completely for couple of day. Once it is dried out in few days you can make full use of your deck.

Deck Refinishing

First you will need to clean your deck as described above. If you found rotten or cracked wood on your deck or railings, these should be repaired or replaced next. Now you are ready to sand. If you don’t have a sander, you can rent one from a hardware store or tool rental store. Many national hardware chains such as Lowe’s offer sanders for rent. You could get on your hands and knees with sandpaper, but for most decks this would mean a lot more manual labor. You’ll want to use goggles and mask to avoid getting particles of old finish into your eyes, nose and mouth. Always apply sandpaper evenly over the surface of the furniture taking away all the old particles in it. Afterwards, we always rinse our deck again with the pressure washer to remove any dust and debris from sanding.You will need to let your deck dry for a couple of days before staining or painting your deck.

You have myriad choices when it comes to finishing the product of your deck. First you can paint or else you can stain it. Two color choices are available to choose, Light tinted and solid. You can find them with several color choices right from the hardware stores. Check them to find out whether it is the shade you want.

For continuity of color between the cans of stain you should mix them all together to make sure the color is uniform. You should also, check your local weather forecast to make sure no precipitation is predicted for at least 24 hours after application. This will prevent water damage to the finish before it has had time to dry.

Application of the pain with the brush is always an quickest and easiest task for all, however when it comes to big sizable deck surfaces people opt to go for sprayer and this also works well. You need to give two coating to have a appealing and ideal look for your deck. This allows the wood to “soak up” the finish and for cracks and crevices to be penetrated.

There are many reasons to restore your deck. The main one for most people is so that you can enjoy it for many more years while feeling safe If you are not a “do it yourself kind of person” hire a Denver deck restoration company to transform your deck back to the way it once was.

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