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Guide Review – Ecopolitan Restaurant

Permit me to disclose certain things upfront: Practical goal a vegan. Or perhaps a vegetarian. And generally I cook the things i eat.
Ecopolitan restaurant serves only organic, vegan, raw food. Raw meals is often claimed to acquire many health benefits, mainly because cooking is supposed to destroy many nutrients in the food. I’m still a person that uses my oven, but I am a supporter of organic food, and nosy too. So any restaurant that has generated just as much buzz as Ecopolitan is certainly one that should be tried.

The knee-jerk a reaction to vegan, raw your meals are that it is likely to be boring. At Ecopolitan, it’s not. It’s actually more inventive, tasty and interesting than most meat-serving, cooking, restaurants’ food. For example, the Strawberry Marinara. Zucchini cut into pretty spiral “noodles” using a bed of baby spinach, topped with sun-dried tomato sauce, olives, walnuts and strawberries. Home plate has lovely colors with the bright green leaves under fresh red strawberries, and tastes – as opposed to whatever you decide and might think about mixing strawberries and olives – wonderful.

The Spicy Thai Noodles are another hit, as well as the “Rawvioli”, cashew nut “cheese” stuffed into radish hearts in a ginger sauce is bizarre but tastes beautiful. Their smoothies are typically delicious, as there are numerous cakes and pies. Uncooked cakes seem as impossible as brain surgery but they’re as good as any devices around the menu.

Simply because use local foods and acquire in small quantities, sometimes they run out of certain ingredients, or some could be unavailable. The servers are quite helpful about suggesting substitutions.

Together with the restaurant/cafe, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the ecopolitan building has a store, spa, sauna, oxygen bar and public, so allow a little extra a chance to look into the other services ecopolitan ec offers, or get some (uncooked) cookies to travel.