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Getting More Productive With Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft is widely regarded as the best suite of office utilities for home and business use. However, a single license can be expensive and it may not be practical for some to get since there are some free alternateoptions like OpenOffice that should be able to handle basic tasks. But you’ll be surprised to understand that Microsoft is still in business as it recently finalized the 2013 version to great fanfare. Many people still favor Microsoft Office because of the modern interface and numerous other functions that are not present in other office suites. These features are not obvious but you can appreciate the value of these features if you try a number of Microsoft Office courses.

When you install Microsoft Office, you get access to various office software ranging from basic stuff like Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Publisher to more advanced tools like Microsoft Access and Microsoft Outlook. Each of these applications integrate well with each other making it easier to work with big projects. Once you have gotten used to the fundamentals, you can boost your productivity even further by taking on advanced topics that are provided in Microsoft Office courses.

Microsoft Office courses don’t just cover every feature of each Microsoft Office application in detail. You also get to learn some scripting since Microsoft Office supports Visual Basic. While this is for advanced usage, you can start small by figuring out how to use macros so you can understand how they can accelerate your productivity. Then you can try installing some plug-ins and do even more things with your documents.

Remember too that Microsoft Office is a Microsoft product so expanding your knowledge with Microsoft Office courses may influence you to dive into other Microsoft product lessons. For instance, if you are used to the Linux operating system for managing servers, you can attempt taking Windows Server courses to learn more about the unique features Windows Server brings to the table. There are plenty of IT courses in Singapore that cover assorted products like Microsoft Office and Windows Server.

Realize too that Microsoft Office 2013 isn’t Microsoft’s last desktop office suite. The folks at Redmond are committed to making more improvements to make office work even less difficult and more convenient. Learning the many advanced Microsoft Office features through courses can give you a considerable advantage when future versions come out.

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