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General Facts On Termite Treatment Atlanta Residents Need To Know

There are numerous methods of termite treatment Atlanta residents can adopt. It is important to ensure that the one selected is the most appropriate. The selection should be made after careful consideration of the various options recommended by a trusted termite specialist. Each household is unique and therefore the treatment has to be customized accordingly. To ensure the process is successful, individuals are advised to consult professionals in order to come up with an effective and appropriate termite control plan.

The effect of these creatures is well known. Termites usually destroy property which causes the owner a lot of loses. They have a high affinity for wood besides feeding on books, insulations, and linings in swimming pools and the filtration systems in these facilities. This has become a major concern for home buyers and most of them ask for a complete inspection before committing their money. Their effect is not only monetary but also emotional.

They are countered by applying certain liquids mainly at the entry points together the points where they have infested in homes. Some specialists recommend the use of monitoring stations which are installed in strategic positions inside and outside the house to detect the presence of these pests. Once any activity is detected, the monitoring systems are replaced by baits. The pests are controlled when there is sharing of the bait throughout the colony.

Apart from using the pesticide and the bait, it can also be used with both a repellant and non-repellant. This is the most common technique used inside or outside the home. It is done by introducing it directly in the infested locations. The repellants have an unappealing effect on the termites which causes them to avoid the areas they are detected. Non-repellants on the other hand are toxic and therefore when the termites feed on them, the entire colony is destroyed.

Those individuals who decide to adopt the wood treatment approach either inject or apply it on the wood. This approach has no smell and is very effective. It offers protection to timber from future attacks by these pests. Fumigation may also be adopted where the density of the termites is very high. The special gas used is very effective and enters any cracks and crevices that are accessible by other substances.

Conventional treatment has been in use for a very long time. This method seeks to treat all the areas where subterranean termites are likely to infest. This is the most extensive liquid treatment technique for termites. It also includes treating the soil found on the different sides of foundation walls, cinder block voids and soil beneath plumbing penetrations in bath traps and slabs.

It requires specialized equipment such as pumps, masonry drills, soil treatment rods and large capacity tanks. A large number of gallons of the termicide (liquid pesticide) are injected in the suspected areas. The success of the procedure is determined by environmental factors, thoroughness of application and the density of the pests present.

For a successful termite treatment Atlanta residents must be well prepared. Special skills and information in building construction are necessary. This is essential in identifying the regions likely to host these pests.

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