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Fun Facts About Flowers

Flowers symbolize so many things. They can be a sign of protection, warning, love and affection, sympathy or wealth. They are believed to bring joy and so much happiness to everyone who receives them. The different and significant symbolisms of flowers are the reasons why they are loved and cherish since the beginning of time. The following are some of the fun facts about flowers in general. Take time to read and be surprised.

Everyone loves them but only few know the different varieties of flowers. For the record, there are more of less 250,000 known varieties of flowers. Some popular varieties are calla lily, sun flower, tulip, bird of paradise and the most popular is rose. Did you know that the oldest variety originated in China and known as Archaefructus sinensis. It’s been in existence for more than 125 million years to date. The physical properties of Archaefructus sinensis are closely similar with the properties of lilies. The later are one of the oldest varieties of flowers on earth.

Roses are known to be the flower of love. During hearts day or any special day, people would always think of giving someone special a bunch of red roses. Some would go for other colors but at the end of the day, giving someone a rose is still considered out of the ordinary. Roses are not only wonderful gifts but are also edible food items. They are usually paired with peach, pears and apples.

Aside from being a good element for cooking edible delicacies, some varieties of flowers are also used as signs of sacredness. There are a lot flowers that are considered sacred. For example, for the ancient Egyptians, the lotus is one of the holiest flowers which is why it’s used during burial and funeral ceremonies and rituals. Lotus flower was also identified as a concrete symbol of renaissance.

The high demand for fresh flowers leads more and more clients to visit some online florists to check out their beautiful arrangements and settings. Since there are so many sources and suppliers over the net, clients would usually wonder on where these fresh flowers came from. If you are living in the United States and are fond of ordering from any florist online, chances are your flowers are from California. One sure fact is that 60 percent of all flowers grown in the United States are cultivated in California.

Surely flowers are perfect presents for your special someone. They are also perfect decorations to lighten up the mood and the ambiance of any party. One great thing about flower is that they are available anywhere and can be ordered easily online. Anyone looking for great bunch of flowers can just check some options online and directly place an order. Online florists do not only house exotic and popular flowers but also offer thousands of different arrangements to cater the needs of their clients.

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