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Facts You Need To Know About Doing A Hardwood Flooring Installation

Today, most houses are not built just to protect its owners from harsh weather and other climatic conditions. Most houses serve as statements of artistry and style of the residents living in them. If your home looks dull and is common looking, a hardwood flooring installation will be the best thing it needs to stand out among the rest of houses in your area.

Installing such a floor is not for the individuals who do not like to take a methodical approach to the things they do. The reason for this is because such a project requires a touch of artistic abilities, especially if you may have to do a design within a design layout for your floor. There are some special equipment that you will need as well; most of them you could rent out from your local flooring store.

The first thing you should understand about such a fixture is where it should be installed and where it should not. The environment surrounding the floor that needs remodeling plays a vital role in deciding what type of wood paneling must be used. Today, almost everyone knows that environmental, climatic, and humidity issues can affect wood panels, and therefore, must be considered when choosing the proper ones for homes.

The Tongue & Groove method serves as a large jigsaw where you have to fit the tongue like pieces into the grooves to form different patterns. Each wooden panel has one tongue and one groove on either of its sides. What is great about this method is that it is almost impossible to identify the joints once the panels are fitted together.

Even though most people use the nails and staples method, there are many others who prefer doing such installations using glue to fasten the wooden panel to the subfloor. However, when doing a project using glue or any other adhesive, you should use only the ones recommended for the flooring selection. By failing to adhere to the recommended specifications, it may result in wooden panels coming loose or failing to attach to the subfloor completely.

The most common subflooring is done using cement/concrete screed. However, wooden subfloors made up of plywood or chipboard, and floor battens/joists are also frequently seen. After you have selected the type of subfloor, you can move on to discuss with your contractor what type of method is best for installing the floor.

But, the toughest method of all is the Parquet installation, which requires quite a lot of work. It requires the placement of a cement base, which acts as the subfloor. You will have to refinish the cement base with wooden panels in order to complete the process.

It is not a secret that you will save money by hiring a professional to do your hardwood flooring installation. You yourself may make some serious mistakes that may lead to you spending more that you have to. You may be able to find may professionals in your area who will provide you with a fine looking and defect free result.

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