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Enjoy A Bronzed Complexion That Lasts By Ordering Sun Laboratories Dark Self-Tanning Set

Sun Laboratories Dark self-tanning set contains everything necessary to achieve a lovelier complexion. It spares you from the need to step foot inside a salon offering expensive airbrush or spray tan service. Because it does not require excessive UV radiation exposure, your skin can be protected against various premature aging signs and deadly cancer.

Ordering a set of Sun Laboratories Dark solutions for indoor tanning makes it easier to look your best. All of products bundled together allow you to obtain a golden brown complexion that looks so real it can make grab lots of attention. Everything in a Sun Laboratories Dark self-tanning set play different roles in giving you a lovely tanned skin that stays for days.

The Sun Laboratories Dark lotion can be considered as the principal component of the set. It’s something that can change the way you see indoor tanning. Applying it is so simple, it’s just like using your usually moisturizer. Instant tinting helps in keeping patches and streaks at bay. The secret to obtaining a natural-looking tan is by applying the lotion smoothly.

Sun Laboratories Dark self-tanning lotion is highly effective because of dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This is a sugar-based substance which has been approved by the US Food and Drug administration for topical use. DHA is capable of browning the skin’s epidermis. Its outermost layer consists of dead cells containing amino acids that react chemically with DHA.

Speaking of dead cells, it’s important for Sun Laboratories Dark lotion to be applied on skin which has just undergone exfoliation. Using the product on a smooth surface allows for an even coloration afterwards, making the golden brown color look so natural. For this part of indoor tanning, the exfoliating body gel which is included in the set comes in very handy.

Thanks to this exfoliating body gel, unwanted dead skin cells may be removed effectively. Use Sun Laboratories Dark sunless tanning lotion afterwards and wait for about 3 hours. This is the minimum time it takes for DHA to develop. Within 24 hours, the brown color produced will further intensify. You can enjoy the resulting glorious tan for about a week long.

This Sun Laboratories Dark self-tanning set also contains a tan extender that helps you sport a lovely complexion longer. It is specifically formulated to ensure that your skin is getting sufficient hydration. By keeping the outermost layer of your epidermis properly moisturized, the tan stays longer as the rate of replacement of those dead skin cells is slowed down.

You may apply Sun Laboratories Dark tan extender as frequently as you like. Aside from letting your stunning bronzed complexion last for many days, the product also makes skin supple. Definitely, it can make you a true standout.

Everything that is included in this Sun Laboratories Dark self-tanning set may be ordered per piece. Buying them all at once, however, saves both time and money. In a single purchase, you can get your hands on products essential to obtaining and maintaining a lovely tan. Indoor tanning is a smart way to look beautiful these days as it is very convenient and safe.

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