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Ending Bullying in the Generation

What began like a small collaboration project between three artists, to arrive at local students suffering from bullying, has gotten national attention from radio and television shows. Pop/urban artists Mateo, Kitarah, and Maverik, attempt to write a song that will reach students suffering from bullying with powerful lyrics and music this generation can relate to. Lyrics that remind young adults they are not alone, and that they usually takes a uphold speaking out against bullying.

Ever since the discharge of the anti-bully song “Keep Your Head Up” the performers have been getting several radio and television interviews, on the Roy Green Show in British Columbia, to Chris Lovett’s Boston Neighborhood Network News on cable connection. The performers also just finished a Public Service Announcement (PSA) with an Oakland, CA organization to blame for the “Not In the School” movement, which promotes an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion in schools and communities.

Statistics reveal that all-around 3 million students experience being bullied yearly in the states craigs list 2 million utilizing the role of an bully. One in three the younger generation are actually victims of any “cyber-bullying.” Just one single beyond 10 younger people, have been bullied ever report the incidents with their parents or another adults.

The pop/urban song sends an exceptionally strong message to students they’ve options: They usually takes a stand, speak out, and report the bullying incident to parents, teachers, members of the family, and friends. Through taking this approach, students can encourage other students suffering from bullying to communicate up and share their stories.

The independent label, Kutroc Records, released “Keep Your mind Up” to try and do its part from the entertainment industry, to aid address the important problem of bullying in schools plus cyber space. The label is also working together with organizations to aid spread the message of anti-bullying.

On “Keep Your face Up,” each one of the three artists placed their turn singing and delivering the positive message. The song happens to be entirely on iTunes along with over 750 online stores worldwide. To see the lyrics video simply click YouTube.

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