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Eliminate Clutter With These Handy Hints

Lose weight. Drink less. Eat healthier. Quit smoking. Volunteer. These are just a few of the top New Year’s resolutions for 2012. Was your resolution on this list? And have you stuck with it or is it a distant memory you’ve repressed like the neon yellow spandex you were wearing in 1985? How about making a resolution this year (if even a few weeks late) and resolve to freshen up your home? It’s simple. It’s inexpensive. And, we have the best design ideas for you in this article so you won’t have to do the footwork. Where’s that “easy” button when you need it?

*Get Your Home Ready To Entertain (Even If You’re Not Entertaining)

One handy tip from is to clean your house as if you are throwing a party and expecting guests. This way you are always ready to entertain friends and family members. Designer McCormick points out there is no need to spend a lot of money on remodeling the kitchen. Instead, organize the items you already own and purchase a few updates. Houseplants will clean the air of impurities and add a nice decorative touch at the same time. Choose an accent color and purchase throw pillows or an area rug in that color. Rearrange furniture pieces into conversation groups instead of having all the seating facing directly toward the television. Adding an interesting visual element to a wall will draw the eye and become a conversation starter for visitors.

Less Can be More

Pamela Cole Harris suggests choosing small changes to your home so it’s not overwhelming. Choose one room to repaint, if even just one wall and rearrange or add some family photos or art to refresh the space. If you’re trying to go green in your home, but cannot afford to do the major renovations such as replacing all old appliances, try replacing one appliance this year with an energy efficient one. (Plus, there are usually tax credits available so you’ll save money!)

Choose Decorating Storage Systems

Briar Cliff Village suggests that if you have storage space in your home that is visible, make it look its best. Utilize storage containers from the Container Store or IKEA or fun baskets to clean up the clutter and give the shelves some style. Organize books by type or size and add book ends next to them.

*Keep Your Mess Under Control, Daily & Weekly

Jeff Campbell founded Clean Team in San Francisco and authored the book, Speed Cleaning. He offers the following tips for eliminating clutter in the home.

* Be Consistent with Chores – Put dirty clothes in the laundry hamper, store clean clothes in the closet and load the dishwasher with dirty dishes every night. Making sure everything is where it should be before you go to bed will allow you to relax and sleep better.

*One Thing At A Time: Don’t overwhelm yourself. Focus on one type of cleaning at a time – Wipe down fingerprints on all of the cabinets, for instance, before moving on to spraying and wiping counters. Then move on to windows and mirrors and appliances. Once that’s done move on to sweeping and then mopping floors.

* Ask Others to Assist You – Enlist a roommate or family members to team up for a cleaning session. One person can vacuum while the other tackles the bathrooms. It will take only half the time to get everything done.

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