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Effective Tips On Dog Portrait Painting

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that needs to you to tackle something for the first time? If so, it will be honest to agree that it seemed challenging and hard. The same case happens when faced with task of doing dog portrait painting. Not many people engage themselves in such activities. The reason may be due to lack of interest or just that it requires a lot of dexterity and accuracy. This piece of work discusses the effective steps that one can follow to produce an appealing art.

As hinted above, the first thing that one has to do is to prepare. The preparation stage entails collecting all the necessary tools that might be required during the process. Some of the major tools that will be required include brushes, canvas, different types of paints, pallet knife and an appropriate pencil for sketching. All these tools should be in a good state in order to produce a nice paint.

Taking photographs of the dog is the next step. Since you would like to take quality photos that display, as much details as possible, make sure you also use a quality camera. During the process of taking the pictures, ensure that there is enough light that will contribute towards having clear photographs. No shadows will also be captured. The camera should be set to use its best resolution and take each picture from a different position and angle. This will be useful afterwards while painting in showing you all the details that you will need.

After doing this, you are good to go. Start by doing a mock-portrait from the photographs taken. This dummy is necessary as it acts as a guide towards making an art that resembles the dog. Since the background color also matters very much, take your time to choose the best. Go ahead and carefully sketch an image that is as accurate as possible. It should resemble your pet in almost all the features and shapes. When you start the actual process, paint in the direction of the fur.

Using a big brush, paint the sketch with an oil paint. This will be the initial under-cover layer that you have to wait until it dries out and then apply a thin layer of paint. This step is where one is required to match the portrait to the photos taken. Try to model the fur to resemble those of your dog.

At this point, use light paints to shape up how the fur appears. In the process of doing this, make a mixture of several colors to get a color that matches the dog. Give the fur a good shape and leave the work to dry up completely.

Before doing the final touches, try to make the portrait appear exactly as your pet. This is achieved through including all the details that you can see. This will make appealing and many will want to have a look at the final work.

If you are satisfied that you have brought out all the features required, do the final touches. These include the eyes, ears and edges. After all that, let it dry. Those are the steps in doing dog portrait painting.

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