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Dominique Selina Carrie

D. Selina is a young and exquisite becoming more popular R&B artist hailing from New Orleans, LA. Her unique approach owes much to her trademark vocals, capable of a vast tonal range, going from the pleasant and bright melodic mood with a warm and soulful growl. D. Selina attempted to to produce fresh EP, entitled “Abstract Element”. Let the music perform the talking and head over to for you to download her new EP, see her music videos, view upcoming events, and sign up for free music! Go have a taste this talented new artist!

Who’s D. Selina?
Very few artists today can say they can be songwriters, but talent as pure and since intelligent as this industry can boast New Orleans is the exception. D. Selina, Dominique Selina Carrie (born November 18th, 1990), fell deeply in love with R&B to be a small child as a result of her parents frequently playing Jazz and Soul records throughout her upbringing in New Orleans, LA. She also credits artists such as Prince, Sade, Stevie Wonder, and Teena Marie as influencing her style just as one independent artist. She uses her background of concert choirs and classical vocal training to further improve her soothing, yet soulful sound.

Precisely what is unique about D. Selina?

D. Selina’s versatility in vocal range and tone permit her to accommodate many forms of music. My wife also shown to other artists it’s possible to balance the musical dream with education as she continues to achieve her master’s degree. D. Selina will always remain the classy woman that they is while delivering a voice of truth that will let you know where she’s from and what she’s feeling.

Why the name “D. Selina”
The storyline behind her name is simple. In combination with her first name, all her lifetime she has been called either Dee or Selina, that is her middle name. Her grandmother, Selina, taught her each one of her first tunes when she was a couple of years old; thus, “D. Selina” came to be.

“Fall along with me, and I’ll call for there.”
-D. Selina

For more information about soulful sound please visit the website.