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Details On Making Amazing Louisiana Barbeque Sauce

The Southern States of America are well known for their vibrant and robust dishes. One of the best methods of recreating that great taste is to make a batch of authentic Louisiana barbeque sauce. The recipe is easy to make and will go on a wide array of dishes. Best of all, its versatility allows it to be used both inside or on an outside grill and the great taste will suit any type of celebration.

The best way to create a great southern BBQ is to do it from scratch. This is the only method of making a sauce that is truly mouthwatering. It also allows the cook to modify ingredients and control heat levels.

Although the recipe may be modified to suit anyone’s specific taste, there are several ingredients that are a must for a traditional taste experience. The main ingredients are easily found at any supermarket or grocery chain store. Create a list to ensure that nothing is left out and take it along for reference while shopping.

Nearly all sauces start with some type of tomato base such as sauce, puree, juice or ketchup. The second thing that should be included is an ingredient that provides some sweetness. Many people accomplish this taste by simply adding in some brown sugar, but some use corn syrup or honey. Another vital item is mustard or vinegar, which will work to even out the sweet taste and offer a zingy taste. Along with the basics, most people also add-in other things such as apple cider, marmalade or even whiskey. No recipe would be complete without the right spices like garlic, onion powder, liquid smoke and cayenne pepper.

After gathering all of the ingredients, put them all into a large pan and cook them on low heat, allowing everything to slowly simmer. The longer the recipe stews, the better the flavor will be. Many people spend their entire afternoon creating and stirring the concoction. Some individuals even make it the night before in order to perfect the rich and smoky flavoring.

Once finished, BBQ sauces may be used on a wide array of dishes or recipes. The most common item to spread it on is ribs. Cook them on a grill until they are nearly done and then spread the creation on top. Cook for a while longer to seal in the flavor and allow the meat to caramelize. The end results are sure to please even the choosiest of diners.

In addition to spare ribs, the sauce is vital to making great pulled pork sandwiches. Just put a roast into a large slow cooker and coat it with the sweetened liquid concoction. Set the timer for eight to ten hours, allowing it to simmer on low heat. By the time everyone’s day is complete, the meal will be ready to eat along with a few sides. Coleslaw and potato salad go great alongside any southern BBQ dish.

Making a homemade Louisiana barbeque sauce is a simple process and the results will make any family happy. Just put together all of the ingredients and cook them slowly for several hours. It’s sure to be a hit and everyone will be talking about how great the meal was for days to come.

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