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Denton Dentist Offers Veneer Dental Solutions For Your Smile To Look Its Best

People who are not happy with appearance of their teeth may want to consider asking a Denton TX dentist about dental veneers. These thin shells are custom made and fit over the tooth’s front surface to improve the appearance. They are bonded to the teeth to dramatically change their shade, size, length, or shape.

There are two kinds of materials veneers can be made from; composite resin and porcelain. The former are somewhat easier to apply, while the latter tend to look a bit more natural and resist stains better. The dentist will decide which type is appropriate for the patient.

If a patient’s teeth are worn down, chipped, misshapen, unevenly spaced, or discolored, he or she will usually be recommended for veneers. It will will be necessary to attend three individual sessions with the dentist. First a consultation to make sure the patient is eligible for this procedure, and two subsequent appointments to make the veneers and have them installed.

The dentist will work with the patient to determine exactly how the veneers should look. He or she will fully explain the procedure to the patient and will also need to take x-rays and make an impression of the mouth which will be used by the dental laboratory to custom design the veneers. In one or two weeks they should be available.

The installation of veneers requires that the teeth by cleaned, polished, and that a small amount of the enamel be removed from the teeth they are to be applied to. This process roughens the tooth and is called “etching”, it allows for a better adhesion of the veneers. They are then bonded to the teeth using a special cement.

Two weeks following the procedure, the patient will see the Denton TX dentist for a check-up to ensure that the veneers are secure and not uncomfortable. The only care they require is normal brushing and flossing. Replacement veneers will likely be needed after about 5 to 10 years.

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