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Dangerous Assumptions about Fire

A blaze seethed in the night behind the O’Leary home in Chicago. Their barn had caught fire and on that fateful night in October, the small barn fire would become the epicenter to the torrent of flame and destruction that would be known simply as the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

The ferocity of the fire was aided by the mostly wooden urban environment of Chicago. Swiping through the city, the Great Fire torched over three and a half square miles of homes and businesses.

First, you should make sure that you start by understanding how important it is going to be to try to minimize the smoke damage in the area. Often times, the fire may not cause an extensive amount of damage but you will find that the smoke damage is very difficult to deal with.

The Great Fire of 1871 left its blackened mark upon the city of Chicago and still serves today to remind all of the dangers inherent to even the smallest of house fires. West Chicago fire damage is a real and all too potential danger for any homeowner and fire safety should be remembered at all times.

Take any and everything that you can to the dry cleaner. If you find something that can be dry cleaned, throw it in a big bag with other items that can be dry cleaned so you are able to bring everything to the dry cleaner in one load.

Those kinds of things happen to nameless, faceless people. They don’t happen to real people. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s not true at all. You are just as much at risk as the people you see on the news. Please never assume that it won’t happen, because it’s a very real possibility. Protect your home by taking precautions against fire damage. Second, your dog would wake you if there was a fire. Although it’s true that dogs are keen at noticing and warning of danger, they are not going to be perfect at that job in all situations.

Appliances can wear down with time and become unsafe. Their electrical cords and inner workings can spark fires if they are not regularly cleaned, repaired, and replaced when needed.

In addition, safety in the kitchen is contingent upon one’s presence while cooking. A person should never leave the kitchen while preparing and cooking food as this could lead to a small grease fire transforming into an uncontrollable house fire. But kitchen fires are not the only danger for a home. West Chicago fire damage can also come from unwise or negligent use of portable space heaters.

While you clean, you will want to make sure that you do not press the nozzle down too hard into the carpet. Pressing the nozzle down too hard may shove the soot into the surface that you are cleaning and cause even more problems as you are working on getting it out.

By never using portable heaters at night and always in a safe manor, a homeowner can help protect not only their homes, but their own lives and the lives of their family members. The Great Fire of 1871 reminds all of the extreme danger posed by a single combustion of flame and the importance of fire safety in the home.

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