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Cyst on Ovary Indications

Ovaries is the female reproductive organs in the body that produce and store eggs. An ovary cyst is a sac that gets formed on or even in the ovaries and is filled with fluid. This cyst gets formed in a woman’s body if the ovaries are preparing eggs for release into the fallopian tubes. The vast majority of cysts are not harmful but some cysts may be linked to cancer.

An ovary cyst develops due to a number of reasons and could be of different types from benign to our life threatening. Different types of cysts are Cyst adenomas, Functional cyst, Polycystic ovaries, Desmoids cysts or Endometriomas.

Ovarian cysts warning signs

All sorts of ovarian cyst gives very different symptoms that a woman experiences. Many of the cysts that develop are asymptomatic, meaning that they do not give any symptoms to the body. Many of the symptoms that develop include:

Painful legs Softness inside the breasts Irregular menstrual cycles Pressure in the bladder Boost in body weight Problems in passing urine Painful intercourse Continuous pain during the abdomen

Some cysts on ovaries are harmful to your body. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, will want your cysts treated immediately:

Fever Vomiting Severe stomach pain Tiredness Shortness of breath

Diagnosing cysts on the ovaries Ovarian cysts are diagnosed by a test known as the pep smear test. The tests are done by a gynecologist by feeling the ovaries to detect for any kind of swelling or lesion in the ovaries. In case a cyst is suspected through the gynecologist, she will refer an ultrasound and with the report of the ultrasound, you will get to know within the cyst, its size, its shape and the consistency with the cyst.

When cysts on the ovaries are detected, then blood tests are referred from the doctors to check the risk of ovarian cancer. In the blood tests done, when the amounts of protein CA-125 are incredibly high, then the likelihood of ovarian cancer is also very good.

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