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Decorative Tacks with Diamonds
Usage : Headboards, Wall Design, Upholstery Projects
Owner/Designer : Decotacks Supply,, info [at]

Here we would want to introduce a new product which interior designers shall definitely find indispensable. Crystal head upholstery nails are normally applied to headboards, walls, sofas, beds, ottomans etc. Basically this stuff are along with regular tack base and mechanically fixed diamonds. We know that form of tacks is going to be utilized on upholstery and headboards widely as they are easily installed and draw attention. We imagine that luxury furniture would remain incomplete with out crystal built in.

Crystal head upholstery nails are designed using gemstones or genuine crystals. There are plenty of designs on the market but our distinctive feature is that often do not use glue on our products, so they really are much stronger and does not appear easily. Bu it has to additionally be factored in that glue is really a chemical like and its particular specs may change with humidity, temperature etc.

Our main advantage is that if you compare our products for some other products available in the market, you simply won’t NEED any prefix holes for your nails. What you have to do is to apply directly their nails with their place by hitting to them using soft-tipped hammers.

We would like to remind you that, as they are the situation operating other upholstery applications, please let professionals accomplish this problem for you. The nail tips can be sharp and require extra attention when installed.

Regarding the application, our crystal head upholstery nails must be applied with soft-tipped hammers. They’re regular products and intensely easy to find in the market. When you’ve got difficulty finding them, DECOTACKS has arrived that may help you. You can travel to our a way to see all of our products at

With soft-tipped hammer it’s almost impossible to dislocate diamonds, because we use sensitive tolerances between diamonds and base. That’s why you cannot find any space that will result in the diamonds to go towards inside when hit which has a hammer, and that means you cannot break the diamonds easily.
While doing so, DECOTACKS also improved another patented tack design for very beautiful but cheap applications. They’re constructed with high-grade acrylic diamonds and they come with two types of DXC & DXF models, both of them can make…

These diamonds may also be quite beautiful plus they are healthy seller nowadays. Because they’re of acrylic but using high-grade raw material, they appear more beautiful than regular electroplated glass diamonds.

Moreover, could decide among 43 colors and 10 different shapes & sizes.
Please see our website at to obtain our products in packages containing 12, 24 or 50 nails to offer as retailer, or maybe you might find larger packages containing 100, 200 or 500 nails to offer as wholesaler. It’s also possible to visit our pages at either Amazon or ebay.

Should you be keen on larger purchases, you’ll be able to reach us at info [at]

For more information about Upholstery Buttons please visit the website.