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Creating an Eye-catching Magazine Cover

The event planning industry has been booming for the past decade in America and continued growth to the industry has been projected. This prosperous trend has led many entrepreneurs to begin their venture into the event planning business.

Typography involves many different aspects of type. When you are involved in typography you will find that you are a part of the process of choosing the typeface, size of the text, line length and line spacing of the text that you are developing.

Why in the world do they want to pick up your magazine? If it’s just for art, then it’s easily passed up by a busy shopper. If it’s for an exclusive interview with J.K. Rowling about the career paths that Harry, Hermione and Ron pursue later in life, then it will be hard to pass up, if you put that on your cover. Determine what your top 3 or 4 most interesting aspects of the magazine are and determine to put them on the cover.

While you are looking through your graphic design principles, you will also come to learn that the empty space surrounding your text is important as well. The human eye and brain is attracted to strong contrast and developing a contrast that is appealing can be difficult.

For the Harry Potter example, you could simply put “Is Harry an Auror Now?” followed by the tagline, “an exclusive interview where Rowling reveals all.” Use action phrases to tell your reader to expect a powerful story. Balance that phrase with a benefit spelled out for the reader. This is the most important text that will sell your product or not.

Because the service provided by event planning companies can be utilized regularly within a community, the market for available clients is vast. And it is this driving market that has developed the present demand for event planners and event planning companies which has in turn made many consider event planning as a viable business venture.

The type that you decide to use will also depend on the medium that you are publishing your text. Often times, differentiating between someone reading on the internet and someone reading on print will be the difference between being able produce quality work and not being able to.

Event planning is a business and as such it will take all of the necessary business features in order to run smoothly. After all, the daily operations of an event planning business will not necessarily be throwing a party every night.

Look up famous “people” magazines (not necessarily the magazine “People,” just magazines that feature people all the time). Take some ideas you like and try them out with your images.

Make sure you’re following the standard design principles and you will be just fine. The only thing more compelling than a beautiful cover is one that tells a compelling story.

Don’t be afraid to venture out and try your hand at graphic arts. If it is something that is intriguing or interesting to you, it may end up being the perfect career.

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