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CPAPmax pillow review and product features

This is my CPAPmax review where I will be talking about all the features, pros and cons of this CPAP pillow. This review is for anyone needing more information regarding this item. I hope my review and research gives you all the right details you need to know about this product.

Before I get started, this pillow has many great benefits, but it may not be for all individuals in need. It is not perfect and does have some negatives as well.

Contour Living created CPAP Max as their follow up to their original CPAP pillow. They had one goal in mind, to make this the best and most comfortable pillow of this kind. They even go as far as wanting to make this more comfortable than traditional everyday pillows.

One of the features of the CPAP Max are that is that has a dual side design. One side is memory foam and the other is just a traditional pillow feel. This gives you a choice to pick from depending on your preferences.

One their other proud features if the 3-D mesh lined pillow cover. This special case moves freely and allows air and moisture to circulate throughout the pillow. The design helps keep the pillow from getting warm and moist during sleep. A problem many people have when using a humidifier.

Upside of the CPAPmax:

1.) Reasonable price for most users

2.) 3-D pillow cover that keeps the pillow from getting warm and moist while sleeping

3.) Double sided technology for preference between traditional or memory foam

4.) Highly durable build quality

5.) Has a layer you can remove to adjust the height of the pillow. This allows you to pick a comfortable height.

6.) Design keeps the CPAP mask from catching the pillow when you move your head.

7.) Two year factory warranty

Cons of the of the CPAPmax:

1.) May have a different smell that can take time to get use to.

2.) Some people claim the quality is not as good as they need it.

3.) May not be an inexpensive option for some individuals

My final thoughts of this product are good, but it is not perfect. There are many great upsides, but there are the downfalls that can affect some people. It may not be for everyone who uses this CPAP pillow. I give this product a 4 star rating for my CPAPmax review

Learn more about the CPAP Max here. Stop by Sam’s Sleep Apnea where you can find out all about Contour Living CPAP Pillows and what they can do for you.