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Corporate Gifts China- The Different Kinds Of T-shirt Printing Methods

No specific skills are needed to master t-shirt printing, making it a wonderful small business solution. With effort, anybody can learn all the things regarding printing t-shirts in a shorter span of time. Getting started with the business is inexpensive you just require some basic equipment, customers and helpers.

Printing of t-shirts is done using various techniques. The transferring of patterns on a poster, billboard, flyer or piece of clothing is called screen printing, a classic printing method. It was over two thousand years ago that the printing method started in China.

Whilst printing, the paint is placed straight away on the screen through which the pattern is pressed on the t-shirt. This really is a fast printing procedure that creates good quality prints. The only disadvantage is that each color requires a separate screen and is rather messy. Lots of time is needed to clean the screens by the end of the day.

Most young children used to dress in t-shirts with a heat press patch thanks to the start of the heat press t-shirt printing process that was introduced in the 1970s. At present, with the assistance of a unique piece of paper as well as transparent ink, computer systems are utilized for printing pictures which are eventually transferred to t-shirts using heat.

This printing method is useful for printing complicated designed t-shirts as it’s simple to print with the help of multiple colors. The drawback here is that it is a pricey type of printing, its resultant patches are heavy and the shades may fade out or crack with time.

If you are searching for the best t shirt printing companies in china to print your corporate gifts China, go for the organization depending on the number and kinds of t-shirts you require. If you need plenty of Corporate gifts in China t-shirts with simple and monochromatic design, screen printing is okay. But if you have a small order of t-shirts with a multi-colored intricate design, a heat press is a great option.

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