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Corporate Gift Giving: Dos and Don’ts

If you’re purchasing corporate gifts you should do some thinking before you give it to the employee or client. Of course you have to be concerned about the price and when to award the gift but there are other things you also need to consider. It is integral not to make the common mistakes and make sure that your good intentions follow good behaviour and you have to do all that while you stay within budget.

You need to think about these easy dos and don’ts before you make your purchase. Shop promo products online!

Rules for Giving Corporate Gifts

Do Have an Objective- Extraordinary occasions like birthdays and celebrations of contract signings are the best reason to give corporate gifts. You might even give corporate gifts and promo products as incentives or to thank loyal clients for their business. Gift giving purpose would be the most important thing you need to figure out.

Recipients – If you really want to choose the right items you must consider promo product recipients. For instance, while your employees may love new lanyards to attach their employee Ids to because it is not only functional, but supports team moral, your clients may prefer receiving tote bags full of goodies instead.

No Need to Get Personal – When it comes to clients and promo products, you must be a little more professional but if you are buying for friends and family members you can get more personal items. When you choose a neutral item, you avoid offending individuals who might consider a personal gift inappropriate.

Don’t Forget the Budget- Don’t get in trouble by buying those expensive promo items like hoodies or hats or even t shirts. You cannot make your clients or employees feel bad by buying cheap promo items either. Stick within your budget, and choose quality gifts, like tote bags, lanyards, and clothing, that you can actually afford.

Waiting Too Long- When you choose any type of promo product or corporate gift, planning is key. If you linger till the last minute you might end up with items that are more pricey than you thought or out of stock. When you prepare ahead you can keep all the important gift giving pointers in mind and get a better gift.

Following Trends- Frequently trendy items go out of style even if they are popular right now. If you want your promo products and gifts to be truly appreciated by your employees and clients, choose unique items that are going to be used by the individuals you give them to for more than just a day, like tote bags, promotional pens, and lanyards.

Buying the right corporate gift may not be that trouble-free. To protect your reputation, your budget, and the name of your company, make sure you follow these simple rules of dos and don’ts for corporate gift giving.

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