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Choose Environmentally friendly Beef Jerky for Artisanal Quality Snacks

All-natural beef jerky. Organic beef jerky. Hormone-free beef jerky. Minimally processed beef jerky. These descriptions are becoming ever more popular on food packaging lately, particularly beef jerky bags everywhere. Consumer knowledge and buying power-more people are seeking organic and natural products than ever-has certainly prompted the beef jerky industry to adapt to alterations in the marketplace. Influence with the artisanal food movement has been specifically credited to the shift. Articles in The Nyc Times, Bloomberg Business Week and Entrepreneur have even discussed the popularity. Now, apparently every jerky manufacturer statements to make a healthy beef jerky version, so that it is even more difficult to select the right one. Here’s selecting the top artisanal beef jerky:

First, consider the ingredients to the label. If it’s something you can’t say, input it down. Years ago, beef jerky was a very processed service station staple. Many jerky options in existence still include the harmful additives and ingredients like hormones, antibiotics, sodium nitrite, MSG and erythorbate-all stuff you don’t need. Choose a beef jerky which is minimally processed, clear of added hormones, without antibiotics no preservatives.

Look at the beef jerky brand. Many store bought companies at the moment are producing “natural” and “organic” beef jerky versions-do you actually think these options rival those from companies who focus on organic beef jerky? Again, this goes time for the nutritional label. A simple look should indicate its authenticity.

How are you able to look for a organic and natural beef jerky? Our pick is Golden Valley Natural, an Idaho-based company that has held it’s place in the meat snacks industry well before “organic” was adopted being a marketing term. They give three products: Organic Beef Jerky; All Natural Beef, Turkey and Buffalo Jerky; and Classic Beef Jerky. Try the environmentally friendly jerky with an artisanal jerky experience.

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