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Buying Reputed Brands is Buying Peace of Mind Too

Everyone is aware that certain industrial washer machines are in the market with over 100 years of experience. The relentless Research and Development of the company resulted in manufacturing commercial and industrial washing machines with a life span of about 20 years. This would therefore ensure a better return on your investment.

You can expect a wide range of 5 to 32 kgs to suit smaller care homes to a hospital or even a stable for specific needs to cater to horse blankets or livery yard. The machines have unique programmable controls to adjust hot or cold water, honeycomb drum technology with optional NHS requirements for disinfecting the linen. The agencies have also entered into a partnership with leading manufacturers to ensure professional service.

The qualitative equipments with extraordinary performance can be expected from the popular and reputed agencies along with auxiliary services. A wide range laundry storage system can be arranged for quick and smooth sorting of the finished linen. The choice of 12 to 18 trays can be placed in a more organized way than placing the linen on the work surfaces itself.

To care of the requirements of the hospital and care homes, you can opt for the Laundry Labelling System. The garments can be identified on the spot without wastage of any time through this method. The laundry bags marked with different color codes for keeping the dirty linen and clean linen separate is a value-addition to the laundry since they can be mounted on the trolleys for easy and convenient distribution of linen.

If you desire to ensure convenience in loading and unloading of the washing machine and the tumble dryer, the laundry plinth of a suitable height can be placed. You can have the plinths of open or close type in various sizes and height and width. In addition, the Miele irons also have a rotary irons of compact roller with a length of 80 cms which are ideal for care homes and larger size rollers of over 2 m suitable for large industrial rollers.

The Air Purifier destroys airborne bacteria and viruses ensureing sterile air environments suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, waiting lounges or offices which are exposed to potential risk of bacteria or virus attack. The purifier has a twin air chamber with two variable speed controls running at a low cost. The option of permanently fixed and portable equipments dispensing optional fragrance to meet the individual organizational desire.

When you require commercial washing machines you must pick those companies who in addition provide commercial cleaning equipment services.