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Best Universities in the West: University of Arizona

UA, also known as the University of Arizona is a four-year University located in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is a thriving outdoor community that has hiking, biking, golf and over 350 days of sunshine. The University was the first University in Arizona and was founded in 1885.

Everyone is really friendly at UA. The University of Arizona is an incredible school and a must see for any sightseeing college trip. University of Arizona is ranked # 24 by the National Science Foundation in research and development expenditures among public and private universities and colleges and # 16 among public universities and colleges.The admission process at any big university is bound to have challenges. At University of Arizona, there are lots of little people to assist you. Just arrive at the university and ask anyone for info.

UA is a small town college atmosphere in a large city! The school academics is top-notch and the environment is unmatched. It’s incredible! If you are looking for a secure campus to send your high-schoolers, and have peace of mind then University of Arizona is the place for them to go. UA is always on the Top 100 list. University of Arizona is listed in US News among America’s Best Colleges, and the Princeton Review lists the University of Arizona as one of “The Best Western Colleges”.

I received an amazing education here. I happily give the University of Arizona 5 big stars! As a research/teaching university, college-students have access to some truly gifted minds, especially in the fields of astronomy, space education and planetary science.

My sister flew out here this summer to hang out and was excited by everything that Tucson had to offer. I give Tucson five stars as far as the community. We had a difficult time choosing which restaurant to eat at because of all the great options on University Boulevard.

On the campus, she loved wandering through the different buildings and overhearing lectures, exploring different museums, and looking at the architecture.

University of Arizona’s academics and programs are among the countries best. From astronomy, dance, medicine, optics and entrepreneurship, UA is amazing. If you like fun towns, a top-notch campus, outdoor activities and lots of sunshine; University of Arizona is for you.

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