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Bandwidth Management for Home Networks

If you are looking to talk about your home internet connection between several people and additionally control their bandwidth, that you’re reading the right article. Be the idea your roommate who is making ones own games lag by downloading movies on a regular basis, or ones sister that’s watching Bebo and getting your world-wide-web browsing impede, there is a great and low-cost solution: getting a router with proper QoS (Quality involving Service) possibilities.

Usually, home routers have very limited options concerning controlling bandwidth by using QoS. It usually involves something like checking a solution to prioritize matches, and that could be it. Nevertheless, you can obtain a inexpensive ($60) router and transform it into a good device which will perform most functions involving expensive, financial routers. I’ll get WRT54GL product from Linksys as an example, since I’m most accustomed to it, but there really are more options to settle on (like a lot of cheaper ASUS models). For the sake of simplicity, I’ll keep to this unit, since it’s rather a great pick.Just check out for your directory submissions seo .

After choosing your inexpensive router, find out how to turn it into something a lot more powerful? This is pretty very simple really, it is important to ‘flash’ the firmware, that is, install an authorized firmware deal onto this router. It may sound intricate, but that merely will require uploading this package using a brilliant web interface – just like you would upload a graphic to ImageShack, for instance. You will use several advanced features then, such as unlimited vent out forwarding, top notch QoS control, custom firewall scripts and so on (features might differ between different firmware projects).

Which firmware to choose then? There are many, but I’d highly recommend Tomato. It is especially stable, it actually might make your router faster, and it’s tons with features, which include: wireless rule boost, bandwidth overseeing and numerous graphs you can view, connection info, and the best: a cool QoS control.Just check out for your voip bandwidth optimizer .

You can basically prioritize traffic in whatever way you intend: give more priority for a PC, web browsing, voice chats, activities, or what ever; and allow less priority to good sized downloads together with such. You can even block no matter what traffic you need, by dock, mac home address or l7 sift. You can have already bought a WRT54G(L) box, or a comparable router that is definitely capable of running Linux-based firmware, also, you might definitely using this default firmware, and curious why would probably one just want to flash that? There are several reasons, truly, but if the default firmware works on your behalf and you do not notice any sort of problems and miss any sort of features, it is best to probably merely keep using it.

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