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Audio Interfaces: Why you need one to record, along with tips on the right one.

In the last few articles we’ve been writing about how you can monitor your audio either by using studio monitor speakers and / or maybe along with professional quality headset. By the end of this particular post you will have a greater grasp of what a good audio interface is and the way it brings pretty much everything together.

Important points about an audio interface?

It is the piece of audio gear which typically draws your laptop or computer and mic together and makes recording possible. Understand it bridges analogue sound your microphone detects as well as the signal your musical instrument makes plus the digital field in which it can be recorded by way of a digital audio workstation sitting on your computer.

Audio interfaces include pre amps that take a weak signal given by a microphone recognize as “mic level signal” as well as amplifies it to “line level signal” so it can be recorded cleanly.

“Without an audio interface recording sound into a digital field and into a personal computer will not be a possibility. We would continue to possibly be recording sound on analog tape and home professional recording would not be as obtainable as it is today.”

We have established that an audio interface is important as well as a vital involving the professional recording procedure. Here you will find a few things to consider before going and buy one.

What number of inputs / outputs?

For anyone who is recording drums or a full band you will require more inputs/outputs to actually track everything. For anybody who is like myself you may only need a couple of inputs for microphones and two outputs for studio monitor speakers and also a headphone output.

As a rule of thumb “if you do not foresee yourself making use of inputs and outputs do not get these items. Fork out your funds to purchase a higher quality pre amplifier and analogue to digital converts.

Having 10 inputs and outputs you are not using along with second-rate pre amps is not going to help your music production.

How does an audio interface connect to a computer?

You will find three primary ways an interface connects to your computer each possess their own benefit and disadvantages. If you’re using a particular DAW (digital audio workstation) like Pro Tools or Logic studio, ensure that the said audio interface will work merely by checking the user manual or the manufacturer’s website. We are going to be jumping more into a DAW’s within a future posting alongside computer systems for music production.

Firewire – Primarily utilized with Apple computer systems.

USB – Mac as well as PC welcoming, by far the most established way for you to connect with a computer

PCI – These kinds of interfaces will connect straight into your computer systems PCI slot.

Hopefully you’ve got a much better understanding of an audio interface. Check out regarding personal recommendations and other techniques to make your music production simple.

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