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Athens Metaxourgeio Events and Promotions

Meta-Action announced the launch of any new project with all the aim of connecting, through photographic images, the bohemian art enclave of Metaxourgeio with the remainder of the world. The Greek group’s ambitious plan is to create at the least 1000 new connections worldwide with artists coming from all genres to that central, multicultural district in Athens, famous since the artistic heart in the city, with regards to networking and bringing together artists of all points on the globe with creative people coping with or attached to Metaxourgeio.

Meta-Action’s business friends and supporters locally and internationally, who now number approximately 18,000, feel hopeful regarding the overall potential of Metaxourgeio Connects While using World, which comes to the heels of other major Meta-Action initiatives, to add in Metaxourgeio by Night and Meta-Action’s exclusive, monthly artist interviews which have been a constant source of inspiration for the group’s growing volume of Facebook fans. Meta-Action’s Facebook-based project began in December of 2010 with a clear vision with out outside funding.

From the lifetime of one-year the Meta-Action team built a successful social media platform which is as rock-solid as the Acropolis to advertise Greek culture and artists coming from all genres across the world that have ties to Greece.

Individuals to Art will see many unique restaurants serving authentic cuisine, in addition to quaint, cozy cafes where locals and tourists meet daily for your mug of coffee and lively conversation. Seasonal festivals and social gatherings, private free galleries, popular theaters, performing arts schools and street artists are also found in the scene. Individuals to and residents of Metaxourgeio often comment that they look for the myriad styles of street art that may be seen on nearly all corner of the district fascinating, which since October of 2010, happens to be the location of the main public memorial in Athens. The Athens Municipal Gallery was relocated to Avdi Square, that’s Metaxourgeio’s main host to public assembly and outdoor events.

This new project is Meta-Action’s seek to connect this historic district of Athens with all of portions of the earth as a way to spread the idea of regarding it far and wide. Meta-Action encourages professional artists, art students, art historians or perhaps the art-curious to participate by writing or drawing the location name Metaxourgio (meaning ”Silk Factory”, from which the district’s name was derived) on some exterior, then picking a picture with this key project word coupled with a backdrop that shows something special or unique, just like well-known section of their city. Project participants are thank you for visiting promote their artwork, their business or home, themselves, even their pets. The key requirement could be that the word “Metaxourgeio” plus the place where participant’s picture was taken are clearly visible from the photographic image produced with regards to connecting the 2 points inside a spirit of artistic solidarity.

Participants should use your imagination writing the name “Metaxourgeio”, that’s among the list of two critical factors of Meta-Action’s new project. For example, one might write “Metaxourgeio, The Artistic Heart of Athens”, or: “Metaxourgeio, Athens with love” from the city” (e.g., The big apple, Paris, Rome etc.), or even write the term “Metaxourgeio” in association with your place on the earth. By uniting geographically distant and diverse points worldwide, Meta-Action’s intention will be to have the symbolic concise explaination “Metaxourgeio” (i.e., Art, Culture, Beauty, Unity, Love) shine as being a bright star in the sky with the expectation of inspiring, uniting and setting free the creative muse in all of the people, whatever their geographic location may be.

Project Participant Instructions:

Require a picture using the word “Metaxourgeio” written somewhere in the place that’s characteristic or associated with your locale and describe the city in your town. Include anything you want to enhance in the picture and has shared with other people. Then, send your photograph to Meta-Action’s main e-mail address:

Among Meta-Action’s key purpose would be to attract artists of genres to Metaxourgeio to promote and also to celebrate artistic expression within this bohemian district of Athens, as well as to encourage as well as promote artistic expression in all districts on the city and around the world. Meta-Action works locally and with global collaborators to make art in the various forms of expression out from galleries, concert halls, theaters and indoor exhibitions to the outside because it was over the golden times ancient Greece. A core objective with the Greek group would be to promote creativity so that you can transform people’s lives and society itself.

For more information about Athens please visit the website.