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Are Boot Camps Effective For Fat Loss?

These days, boot camp classes are everywhere. Offering HIIT workouts with minimal equipment, they often bill themselves as the easy answer for people trying to figure out how to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Today we’re going to answer the all-important question. Is there more to this training method than just being the next big fitness fad?

The quick answer is yes. Many people often over complicate matters when it comes to working out and boot camps are just the latest in a long line of gimmicks which are really just offering what’s existed in gyms around the world for decades already.

The next time you workout at your local gym you should take a look around and see if you can spot somebody who is performing high intensity interval training or a circuit session. Essentially, this is exactly the same as a boot camp workout.

Hang on a moment… If we’re seriously telling you that the science behind boot camps is nothing new and has been used in gyms for decades, how come boot camps are billed as miracle solutions using the latest keep-fit secrets? It comes down to marketing. Notice that this type of class is usually associated with claims of instant weight loss and life-changing overnight results. It doesn’t take long for the hype to get out of control.

Although a lot of the promotion behind these classes can be seen as misleading or exaggerating the foundation the training is built upon is solid. If you perform regular high intensity activity you will lose unwanted body fat. The reason it’s billed as a miracle solution often comes down to the fact that it’s targeted at people who have never exercised effectively before, so they quickly label it a ‘miracle solution’ and generate hype.

Make no mistake about it, there is no miracle formula at it’s root. Despite all of the claims about instant fat loss and promises of increasing your fitness by 200{1c74626021d9c5a8d5059ea98d64b8f290317673ada7d772ef8a992974ff6973}, the workouts themselves are basic, primal affairs which often stick to the old classic moves. In most cases you don’t need any equipment at all.

The biggest problem boot camp classes face is customer retention. While some of this comes down to the fact that they often target their marketing efforts at individuals who are looking for a quick fix, who therefore quit quite fast, there is also a problem with people who actually see results. It doesn’t take long for an individual who is serious about his or her fitness to realize they could get just as good a workout without paying for a class. This is why boot camps begin hyping up the group atmosphere they offer, trying to get members to work together as a team in a bid to keep them coming in.

If you are trying to discover how to lose weight effectively you will probably see boot camp classes in your local area quite regularly. Overall, the HIIT workouts they offer are proven to work but are ultimately something which you could do yourself. You should base your decision on how much you think you need a group atmosphere while working out.

Author: Russ Howe PTI is England’s most subscribed personal trainer. He has taught thousands of gym members how to lose weight , introducing many to hiit workouts for the first time.