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Allergy Management With An Epipen Case

EpiPen is the go to emergency treatment for those with severe allergies that are at risk of an anaphylactic reaction. It is a small device that can be carried with the allergy sufferer and can be self administered if needed. The pen is a prefilled injection that can be administered through the clothing in emergency situations. Carry an EpiPen injection is much easier when an EpiPen case is used.

Injections come in both standard adult dose and a junior dose for children. Their are cases available for both of them. No prescription is needed to get a case. There are hundreds of online retailers selling cases at inexpensive prices.

Attempting to carry just the injector pen is hard to do at times. Certain physical activities, like biking or running, make it almost impossible to keep the injector pen handy without losing it. The loss of an EpiPen can be detrimental to a person’s well being if a situation arises where they need it.

Cases provide a safe place to store an injector pen that can be kept on the body. Anaphylactic shock can occur without any warning so it is vital to have the injection available at all times. Anaphylactic reactions can not be predicted so these injections are the best safety procedure to have in place for all situations.

It is impossible to know if an allergy trigger is present at all times. For children, who are busily focused on other things, the importance of having an injector pen in case of emergency is even more important. Children tend to be a bit more careless than adults, as they are still learning to live with severe allergic reactions. They can unknowingly put themselves at risk, making a case with their medicine important to have at all times.

Severe allergies are not curable, they can only be managed. It is important to make every effort to avoid allergy triggers, but this is not always an easy task to accomplish. Nut, bee and seafood allergies are all common and all extremely hard to eliminate all exposure too. Unless a person stays at home all the time, there are going to be situations where these allergens can not be avoided and anaphylaxis is possible.

Anaphylaxis can occur within minutes of being exposed to an allergen. Rarely there is time to sit and wait for someone to help. An EpiPen carried in a case can be opened and administered within seconds, allowing enough time for medical personal to arrive. When a person is by themselves, they can feel safe knowing they have medicine easily accessible to them if the need should arise.

An EpiPen case in any style imaginable can be purchased. Everyone should be able to find a style they like. Each one can hold up to two injections with many having extra room for other essentials, such as an inhaler and insurance information. Some style are tailored for children while others are tailored more to adults. A stylish method for transporting emergency medicine is now possible.

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