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Alcohol in Antarctica

Alcohol is available in Antarctica and you will enjoy it. Having travelled to Antarctica a few years back I outline my tips on how to drink alcohol there and in fact this is now a top 6! Get on that boat and see the penguins, but relax while you’re doing it. That beer will be cold and sweet.

1. Alcohol in Antarctica – drinking on Antarctic land

You’re not meant to drink on Antarctic soil as it happens, but you’re only going to be here once (probably) so you might as well raise a toast to this incredible continent with a drink. Bring a cold beer with you to one of the landings – preferably the last one.

2. Having a drink in Antarctica – go out on the deck!

With snowstorms on board the boat and epic views of the landscape, while cruising down the cold continent I can’t think of anything better to do than have a beer and admire the views. A great place to relax – even if it is freezing! At least you won’t have to keep your beer cold!

3. Having a drink in Antarctica: Happy hour on board!

If you’re on a tight budget, have no fear, happy hour is here! On board your boat you should be able to take full advantage of the Happy Hour meaning you can enjoy your backpacker lifestyle while sailing down the world’s epic cold continent.

– There’s a lounge bar on the boat which is usually open from 4pm – 7pm everyday.

– There’s a late night bar which opens from around 8pm until whenever!

Over dinner you can also enjoy a drink – payment in cash at the end of the trip.

4. Alcohol in Antarctica – take your own booze

This is also a backpacker style option and where the real money saving is – buy some beer in Argentina and bring it on board to enjoy with your travel buddies!

5. Alcohol in Antarctica: Ukranian Station Bar

A great way to enjoy a drink in Antarctica is to actually drink in a bar on the cold continent. You’re in luck! There is a bar at the Ukrainian Vernadskiy Station which even serves its own vodka. They actually make a vodka in Antarctica and you can sample it here.

6. Alcohol in Antarctica – have a beer at the South Pole

Visiting the south pole is one of the best travelling things you can do on planet earth, so what better way to celebrate than by cracking open a beer to celebrate! Congratulations!

Imagine having a beer at the South Pole!

That’s my 6 tips for drinking in Antarctica – if you can manage them all then I take my hat off to you! Congratulations!

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