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Advantages Of Silk Wedding Bouquets

There are certain advantages to using silk wedding bouquets for your nuptial ceremony. Aside from being more affordable, silk varieties can also be found at any time of the year unlike seasonal blooms. Your region may not have the kind of blossoms you want and you could spend a lot of cash transporting an order of real flowers.

Aside from the cost and money you can save on getting synthetic flowers, there are also other benefits you will enjoy. If you are holding your nuptials during a warm day, authentic blooms may wilt quickly and appear unattractive to guests and in photographs. Synthetic flowers will look fresh all day.

Synthetic varieties can be transported from far distances without the risk of wilting. Real ones will require refrigeration and nourishment for them to stay alive till they reach the destination. Aside from the ease of transporting fake blooms, they are also not allergenic.

Fake flowers are not sensitive like real varieties. You may purchase your synthetic blooms months before your ceremony and just store them in a safe place at home. This gives you time to make your arrangements and try various designs. Ordering early will give you enough time to decide how to arrange them.

Real flowers may falter or come out nothing like you expected. If you need a new batch of arrangements, it may be very difficult to get enough fresh cuts to create a new batch of decorations. Synthetic varieties are always available and can make a great alternative when real blossoms fail.

If you want to make sure that your wedding decorations and blooms will not fail on your big day, consider silk wedding bouquets instead of authentic blossoms. At the end of the day, you will not have to waste all the real varieties by just throwing them all away. You can even keep your silk wedding arrangements for future use.

Author: Julie Morrison can assist you with your wedding bouquet planning. For youronline floral planning get her free tips on silk bridal bouquets.