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Achieving Great Tan Results With Sun Laboratories Medium Before And After Products

Looking one’s best for a special occasion is often as easy as acquiring a natural looking tan at incredibly short notice. While natural sunlight is free to use, its not always available when convenient, and too much exposure can damage the skin. Sun Laboratories Medium Before and After products provide everyone with the ability to achieve a natural looking all-over tan overnight.

The dangers of UV rays often cause sun worshipers to seek alternative methods to achieve the glow they want without the risk. Self-tanners allow this all year round, regardless of the climate or weather where they live. Such products also moisturize and make skin feel soft.

Exfoliating and showering before applying self-tanning products may lead to better results after use. Exfoliating gets rid of old skin and allows the new skin to absorb the product better. This helps hydrate and protect the skin as well. Healthy skin is happy skin.

Staining of the palms is a problem for many users when applying self-tanning products. Avoid the stains by wearing inexpensive disposable latex gloves and throwing them away when done. If palms do get stained, make a paste of baking soda and water and use it like soap to remove them. A pumice stone used with cleanser can also help clean away stains from self-tanning products.

It is important to remember to blend the product well in any areas that have wrinkles, such as the knuckles on the hands and creases in the face. This will prevent the appearance of dark lines or orange streaks after absorption. While many of the sunless tanning products are thick, it is this trait that helps show areas where the lotion needs to be rubbed in more, or needs additional application. Rub any dark spots into the skin to blend the lotion.

Assembling some equipment before application will help in the covering of hard-to-reach areas. Use gauze pads taped to the end of a long handled spoon or ruler to reach the unreachable spots, or ask someone to apply lotion to those areas. Just don’t forget to give the helper some latex gloves as well.

Use Sun Laboratories Before and After sun and skin care products to get that medium to dark sunless tan that develops in about three hours. The bronzing effect may be accentuated with repeated applications. It is however, recommended that the initial process be implemented just before bedtime to allow time for the formula to absorb and hydrate the skin.

Applying the Sun Laboratories Medium Before and After skin care and self-tanning products then swimming or showering too soon may lighten the results by washing away some of the product before it has time to work. Thus result is desirable to some applicants who prefer a more subtle result without actual sun exposure. Darkness of the resulting skin tan will be different on different skin tones, but Sun Laboratories products are suitable for all skin types, and actual hydrate and protect as well as beautify.

See the gallery of Sun Laboratories medium before and after pictures by going to the main website of the company. Learn how to apply Sun Laboratories self tanner evenly on your skin today!