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A Property Can Be Beautified With Flowering Shade Plants

Properties that exist mostly in the shade sometimes appear uninteresting or gloomy. This is why some people who own north facing homes find themselves in need of plants that grow well with minimum exposure to sunshine. Fortunately, flowering shade plants come in several varieties, and thrive well in shady areas.

Impatiens are one type of flower that grows well in shady areas. Such botanicals bloom in various colors including pink, purple, white, and red. Some variations even feature multicolored blooms. They do not grow well in excess heat, and for this reason moisture must be maintained in the soil in which they live. For best results, they should be positioned about six inches apart.

Another type of flowering plant that thrives in areas where sunlight is not plentiful is the Begonia. Begonias feature a shiny green or bronze stem and their blooms range in color from pink and red, to white and yellow. Orange blooms are also commonly seen with this type of plant. Just like impatiens, their soil must be kept damp, and they should be planted approximately 6 inches apart.

Dwarf Salvia is a flowering variety in the sage family. Its petals typically feature brilliant shades of purple or red. The plant’s petals are quite lengthy and resemble arrows immediately after blooming. The spacing between each flower should be approximately 8 inches, and they typically bloom between late spring and early fall.

Spider lilies are another ideal option for individuals searching for botanicals that will bloom in the absence of sunlight. Spider lilies are partial to shallow soil, and are sure to add an exotic appearance and fragrance to one’s property or garden. They usually flower in late autumn and should be positioned about 12 inches apart.

There are many additional alternatives for individuals searching for botanicals that will thrive and remain healthy in shady areas. No matter which flowering shade plants a person finds appealing, it is certain that such blooms will add charm and beauty to any property or garden where they are placed.

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