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A Pool Baby Fence Will Help Keep Children Safe

A pool baby fence works to keep young children from accessing a swimming pool or hot tub when there is no supervision for them. In some jurisdictions it is the law for homeowners to install such fencing, not only to protect their own children but also any may live nearby and be drawn to the water. A good fence will completely enclose the pool area and have a gate which closes and latches automatically.

Since safety standards vary from one area to another, it’s important for a homeowner to check with local authorities on this matter before selecting fencing. Furthermore, the type of fencing must be appropriate to the size and design of the pool. Various materials are used to manufacture these fences, which is usually a matter of personal preference.

In-ground swimming structures must be fenced in such a manner which involves the drilling of the deck enclosing it so that the posts can be secured. There is a choice of different construction materials. Ensuring local standards are reflected in the design chosen prior to purchase is a must.

With above-ground designs and hot tubs there are fewer clearly stated standards, so it is largely up to the homeowner to decide which type will be most suitable. For the most part, these structures can be fenced in the same way as for an in-ground model. Usually it will be necessary to choose a higher fence for these pools.

A wide range of different materials are used to manufacture this type of fencing, and each has its own pros and cons but all of them have the ability to effectively keep a swimming area safe. The materials most commonly used are; wrought iron, aluminum, steel, mesh, and glass. Costs vary and some types demand more upkeep than others, so it pays to learn these things beforehand.

Generally safe fencing needs to be a minimal height of 4 feet tall and have at least 45 inches separating each of its rails. The nature of some types of fences, like mesh for example, do not as easily lend themselves to climbing, which should be a consideration. There are different types of closing and locking devices as well, but as a rule this component should be no less than 54 inches from the ground and will ideally close and lock itself as someone exits the enclosure.

Proper installation is also essential. If the buyer must do this himself, it’s important to ensure that detailed instructions are provided and that all necessary tools are available. A careful assessment of the ground around the swimming area is also needed before starting installation in order to choose the safest, most secure position that does not line up with other objects a child could climb up on to get over the fence. Generally 2 feet between fence and pool is recommended.

An informed buyer who has taken the time to learn about the types and determined which one is most suitable will make the best choice when it comes to selecting a pool baby fence. This decision will depend not only on personal budget and preference, but also on local regulations and the size and layout of the yard.

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