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A concept Nation – Global Think Tank in order to resolve Global Challenges in Google+

People around the globe can join Google+ communities to express their ideas and thoughts freely
by using A notion Nation’s newly launched social network. There are many businesses
for instance social enterprises or individuals with projects and innovations designed for making the
world a better place. In order for entrepreneurs to achieve these projects and ideas, gaining
support from a number of people over the world, could possibly be of big help in their mind. An Idea
Nation wants to help social entrepreneurs get people involved in Google+ communities for your
intent behind crowdsourcing suggestions for social and also environmental change.

A perception Nation – Global Think Tank targets uniting global citizens with similar interest at
heart: improving society, through its new social networking site. An establishment where people of
different places and backgrounds can share their ideas, opinions, thoughts and action steps that
consentrate on solving global challenges from the eight global priorities. Such as: Energy,
Environment, Education, Food/Water, Health, Distribution, Freedom, and Justice.

Through Crowdfunding, people from all of around the world are able to contribute their capital
to innovations, projects, non-profits, businesses and charities targeting global challenges. For the
same time, through crowdsourcing, individuals in addition to organizations that gear their attention
towards making the entire world a greater place have the unique chance to gain new and various
insights and concepts with regards to their concepts and innovations at a huge crowd of individuals. Both these
fairly new concepts make it possible for our global citizens to collaborate on the new level. An
Idea Nation really wants to assist entrepreneurs in addition to intrapreneurs in gaining support in the
community for realizing their projects with the help of its new social network platform.
Using collaborative ideas and support from various people, certain individuals and
organizations can certainly produce a significant impact for that greater good.

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Company: An Idea Nation
Contact: Joy Case, M.Ed