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A Better Tan With Your Indoor Tanning Lotion Products

Indoor tanning lotion is used when people wish to have a lovely tan without lying out in the sun. Not only that, there are many dangers associated with too much ultraviolet light exposure. Today’s tanning lotion products represent a safer method of looking good. These helpful tips and suggestions can help you achieve a better looking tan and make the process a little easier.

Preparing your skin may be the most important thing to remember for effective use of tanning lotion. It is not a good idea to exfoliate, shave, or even shower, for many hours before applying these products. This helps to avoid skin irritation and provides a more even looking tan.

Most people will want to have an even tan all over. Do not forget about washing the hands thoroughly after applying tanning lotion. Your hands are likely to be exposed to more lotion than the rest of your body, and they can turn out much darker than you may like.

Tanning lotion will work best if it can completely soak into your skin. If you get dressed or go to bed immediately after application, you may rub off a great deal of the effect. Also, if you are going into the water soon, avoid tanning lotion, as it may simply wash off.

Most indoor tanning lotions are not designed to be used in tanning salons. Also, if you plan to spend much time outdoors, choose a product that has effective SPF protection. Finally, it is always a good idea to try your new tanning lotion on a test area of skin, first.

In closing, you do not have to venture outdoors to get a deep and lovely tan. It is much safer to use indoor tanning lotion. Make sure to follow skin preparation tips and manufacturer’s recommendations. Test small areas of skin before you apply tanning lotion to all body parts.

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