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4 Reasons Goose Down Pillows Are Much Better Than Memory Foam

Memory foam is a popular material for pillows and other bedding products. There’s no disputing how much better it is than what many people are sleeping on, but it isn’t nearly as good as goose down. In use for centuries and superior to every other kind of bedding, a goose down is something you can pass down through the generations if you care for it properly.

A memory foam pillow might last a couple of years.

Here are 4 reasons that explain why a goose down pillow is superior to a memory foam pillow:

1. It’ll last for a few years.

Goose down does not deteriorate like manmade materials. If the down clusters are carefully processed by a a good reputable manufacturer, they can survive being crushed and compressed without worry of damage. A delicate shake is all that is critical to cause good clusters to spring back to life. Even if the fabric that surrounds them is yellowed and disintegrating, the clusters can still be used for another generation with a new cover and perhaps some new down added to replace any that is becoming brittle. You can’t hand a memory foam pillow down to your youngsters.

2. It offers proven comfort.

Some individuals find these modern pillows annoying because they are able to put some pressure on your head and neck as they try to spring back to their programmed shape. Goose down provides light and consistent lift that doesn’t compress or push against you. It supports you — just as light and fluffy down has done through the ages. This buoyancy is also why down makes just as good a duvet as a pillow. No one wants a heavy foam duvet.

3. It’s cool, permitting air to circulate.

If you look at your local bedding store, you’ll find memory foam pillows with holes drilled in them. That’s because a few of the people find that the dense foam holds excess warmth against their skin, causing discomfort, breakouts and rashes. Goose down clusters are designed by nature to provide ventilation. And because they are mostly air, there’s nothing thick and rubbery to hold the sweat against you.

4. It’s natural and clean.

A goose down pillow is stuffed with carefully cleaned down clusters, a genuine product made by nature rather than by machines. When you select a down pillow from a maker your trust, you can be totally sure there are no harmful chemicals or other unbecoming materials inside the fabric cover. Do you know what your foam pillow is made from?

A Last Thought

Time has demonstrated that goose down is a good bedding material. Don’t sleep on a trend when you can sleep on the same material that royals and peasants alike have utilized for many years. If it was adequate for those people and for your ancestors, surely it’s adequate for you.

A goose down pillow is truly today’s top of the range sleeping accessory, regardless of what some may say about that dense foam that everybody’s trying. A bit of foam can’t match the comfort and longevity of nature’s best bedding material.

Annemien Ganzevoort works at Hex Valley Down a South African company that produces top products like goose down duvets and as a result loves to write about the subject while teaching others on the finer details.